Wig Service

Julie specialises in a personal wig fitting and styling service in a private consultation room for people suffering from cancer or medical hair loss. Julie is very passionate about her wig work and aims to provide a caring and sensitive approach to all her clients. Drawing from many years experience, Julie will help you choose the perfect wig from a wide range of both human hair and synthetic wigs.

Julie is also part of the' My New Hair - by salons that care' network, founded and inspired by Trevor Sorbie MBE. As part of this network, Julie has completed advanced wig customisation training, which included training alongside Macmillan nurses. So once selected, the wig can be professionally cut and styled to personalise your look.

Hair loss treatments

La Biosthétique specialist

Hair is the primary adornment of a person, an expression of their personality, style and feelings. Beautiful, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, and since the founding of La Biosthétique, our scientists have been focusing on these connections. La Biosthétique specialise in hair and scalp diagnosis with the latest technology, education and superior products.

Julie is a trained hair and scalp specialist, supporting clients with hair and scalp problems, providing solutions from the 'La Biosthétique' range of products.


I found Julie in 2010 when I was being treated for breast cancer. When I received my NHS wig was traumatised at how “wig like” and how much hair there was. Internet searching found Trevor Sorbie website who taught hairdressers to cut and style wigs. Julie was the nearest to where I lived but was over an hour’s drive. I had lost my confidence due to my hair loss so found this very daunting. Julie was very professional and reassuring, cut and shaped the wig to suit my features and gave me my confidence back to face the world while I continued treatment.

My treatment finished in September 2010 however a year later still wearing a wig as I had Alopecia Totalis.  In September 2011 during a wig cutting Julie mentioned La Biosthetique products and a Tricologist who was making regular visits from London. I booked in for an appointment within a week, purchased shampoo and a lotion to encourage hair growth.  I was totally amazed at how quickly new hair came through, I was able to remove my wig at  New Year 2011/12.

Fast forward nine years, my hair has been compromised again with Alopecia due to stress from two bereavements within five months. It was reassuring to see Julie again, she has gained so much knowledge in Tricology.  I was advised which La Biosthetique products would work best for me, had numerous wigs fitted until we found the correct one, cut and styled, all done with honesty, sensitivity and care – a true hair specialist. I’ve seen great results in hair growth again in less than a month. La Biosthetique products are expensive but worth it!