Riah Wigs

Riah Wigs offer bespoke real hair and synthetic hair wigs for anyone suffering from a weak hair condition or hair loss, within the Riah Body & Soul Salon.

We offer a large variety of both real hair and synthetic wigs, which once chosen, will be professionally styled and personalized to the clients look.

Julie has completed advanced wig customization training with celebrity hairdresser and wig customization expert, Trevor Sorbie.

Within our La Biosthetic range, we also have a series of hair care products which aim to help with hair growth.

Riah custom made wigs & hair pieces

Julie has trained to a high level in custom made pieces. All our custom made products are individually designed and are virtually undetectable to both sight and touch.

What are custom made products?

Custom made is a term used to describe all products which are made bespoke to a client's individual requirements. Each piece is designed uniquely for you through a consultation process and is hand-made to your specified design.
As the items are bespoke, the type of products available as Custom Made are not just full head systems but also include partial systems for thinning hair.

Is custom made the best option for me?

Custom made Pieces are the perfect solution for those with long term hair loss. The design and production process takes approximately 10-12 weeks. For those affected by long term hair loss Custom Made pieces ensure you can live your life the way you want, sleep, shower and play active sports in confidence.

How does the process of custom made work?

The first step of the process is a consultation, where your specific needs are discussed with Julie.
A template is then taken of the scalp to give the base dimensions and the order details are discussed and confirmed. Everything is designed to suit you ; colour, curl, base, hair length direction and thickness.
The design is then sent to the factory for processing.

NHS Clients

Riah are an official contracted supplier of wigs and customization to NHS referred patients. After referral, please contact us to arrange a professional consultation.

Private consultations for the Riah Wig service are available within our salon’s discrete studio, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

For more information on wig customisation, please call our salon on 01330 820677.


"As a young woman having just been diagnosed with cancer, the thought of not only going through treatment, but also losing my hair, was terrifying in this image conscious environment we live in. When you've lost your hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes, you lose confidence in how you look and feel as a person, but after a visit to the salon, and a consultation with Julie, an extremely sensitive, caring and understanding hair specialist, I felt reassured that things were not as bad as they seemed, and that I could still be happy, and look and feel like the person I had been up until diagnosis. From turning up at the salon initially, more than a little sad and apprehensive, to then looking in the mirror to see that my 'new hair' looked exactly, if not better, than before, I suddenly began to feel more comfortable about the situation and focus on what really mattered - 'getting healthy' again. I continued with this positive attitude, and even looked forward to future visits to the salon for a new style. Eventually the treatment came to an end. You never truly appreciate how lucky you have been until this point, but to receive so much support to build up your confidence, and to look and feel good throughout, is something worth smiling about. Through advice on hair re-growth, and the LA BIOSTHETIQUE products from Julie, I am fascinated, not only by the rapid hair growth, but that it is healthier than it has ever been - amazing!" - Jennifer.

"I became a necessity wig user in August 2010. I found out about Julie's services via the Trevor Sorbie website where she is featured. Julie has transformed my life by giving me the confidence to wear wigs that have been cut and shaped to suit my features. Under her guidance, I have also changed the colour. People often compliment my hair and are amazed when I say it’s a wig. The service offered by Julie is first class and well worth a visit to Banchory." - Deborah.